Academic Session - 3rd April to 31st March

School Timing - From 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Timing is liable to change according to the change in Season.

Primary Section

The Primary section consists of three classes, Nursery and L.K.G. It is open for the children aboveage 3 years. The duration of Nursery and L.K.G classes is of one year each unless the child is substandard, retarded or physically challenged. If the progress of the child is unsatisfactory, he / sheis supposed to be detained in the same class to repeat.

The students learn in an informal way through play way method with the help of specially desilped aid to developing their psycho motor skills (learning by doing) under the guidance of learned and well trained Mo teachers.

This is one -year course. English, Hindi, Maths, G.K., Drawing and craft are the subjects mainly taught in these both written and oral emphasis is laid on reading and recitation. Education is imparted through audio vis projectors, cassettes etc. In the primary section we follow an informal approach "Learning By Doing"

The subjects English, Hindi, Maths, Sanskrit, Urdu, Social studies, General Science, General Knowledge, C Music, Yoga, Moral Education. Drawing and Craft are taught. Education is imparted through audio visual aids asl,

Middle Section (6th to 9th)

The subjects English, Hindi, Sanskrit/ Urdu, Maths, Social Studies, History, Civics, Geography, General Science; Knowledge, Computer, Drawing and craft are taught. Sanskrit / Urdu is regarded as the third language. Edu imparted through audio-visual aids.


The medium of instruction adopted by the school is primarily english. However due importance is given to Hindi our national language, Sanskrit/Urdu is the third language.