Guidelines for Students

  • All the students must possess the school diary, text-books, stationery etc
  • Students are advised not to bring any valuable article . The school will not be responsible for any loss
  • Application for leave must be submitted a day in advance. It should be countersigned by the parents / guardian
  • Student must come to school in proper uniform. Uniform must be neat, clean and tidy
  • No student should bring mobile phone or any electronic game to the school
  • Students should obey House Captain and other students on duty
  • No students is allowed to leave the school during working hours unless the parent/guardian (whose signatures are on the admission form and the school diary) comes to the school
  • Students should be regular and punctual
  • Any damage to the school property by the student will have to be borne by the student's parents/guardians

Guidelines for Parents/Guardians

  • Use the school diary as a meaning of communication with the Class Teacher / Principal and regularly check the school diary for homework and the teacher's remarks, if any
  • Sign test copy papers, when they are sent home
  • See that your ward has all the text — books, items of stationery, craft materials etc. right from the beginning of the session
  • Ensure that ward comes to school in proper uniform with polished shoes, trimmed hair and clean nails. Intimate the school in case of change in address, telephone number etc
  • Do not send child to school in case of an infectious disease and a medical certificate should be furnished from medical authority at the time to re-joining the school after illness
  • Do not send money or valuable articles with the students. The school takes no responsibility, if they are lost
  • Parents are requested to please attend the parent teachers meet. Send your ward to school regularly and punctually. No absence will be permitted without a leave application. students must be advised by their parents to maintain cordial 1 relation with other students and pay respect to Teachers, N on-Teaching staff and seniors